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Our Membership Plans

  N 60,0000  

Premium Quarterly
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    3 Months Unlimited Access
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    Mentorship (Facebook and Instagram Group Access, Constant Updates on what's working)
  3. 3
    Coaching (Do As I Do Templates, Swipes, Resources)
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    Teaching (Live classes, weekly zoom strategy session, Masterclasses)
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Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take to finish the courses

The course content are created with every individual in mind,

that's why they were created in video format that can be watched at anytime and at your own pace.

So how long it takes totally depends on you, but typically it takes only a few days to go through all the content.

How Long before I begin To See Results? 

Results vary from student to student and as with every other result, it is only measured by the component of that metric.

Some see results the day they start implementation. For others, it takes weeks.

What matters most is the level of focus, commitment and consistency anyone puts into their business and the results will definitely follow.

Can I Cancel My Membership Subscription? 


The ZTHA © Membership subscription is a recurring subscription except for the Lifetime Membership,

and if for any reason you would like to cancel your subscription at anytime, you are free to do so.

We will even send you a gift to apologize for wasting your time.

Will I Be Left Alone? 

The ZTHA © Membership comes with top level coaching,

And what this means is that,

ZTHA © Coaches will be there to help answer questions and provide guidance along the way. 

And with live sessions every Monday Night,

 every challenge and questions regarding your business will be handled.

I'll Be Here To Hold Your Hand and Walk With You...

In those 11 Months when I struggled as an affiliate, I knew what it felt like to not have a head way when it seemed like nothing was working.

My journey to where I am today was definitely not smooth, that's why I created ZTHA © to bridge that gap.

And the success stories I see every day from thousands of affiliates in my membership simply gives me more joy.

It will be an injustice to you, if you have gotten to this point on this page and still do not join this amazing community of like minds.

Affiliate Marketing is a Billion Dollar industry and all we do is simply take our fair share, and we would love you to join us.

ZTHA © is only here to help grow top performing affiliates with the right knowledge and information, guidance training and right set of tools.

I personally handled most of the training courses in the members area so you know the quality of information is high level.

And along with that, I have a personal welcome message waiting for you inside,

where I dish out the exact things I told a student that he used to make over N1m in commission in 6 days.

One more thing, your membership is both flexible and cancellable 

so you get an extra comfort in knowing that you can either get a refund or cancel your subscription if you think it doesn't fit your purpose.

I absolutely can't wait for you to see how easy it can be for affiliates to make 450k monthly through sales and affiliate commissions.

All I ask is that you reach out to me in my DM or send me a mail, as soon as you start seeing results.

Enjoy the rest of your day and Thanks for your time,



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